What do I need to know about Fertiliser and Molasses tanks?

Here are a few things you should know about these types of tank

Fertiliser and molasses tanks are used for the storage of liquid fertiliser and molasses, respectively:

1. Materials: Fertiliser and molasses tanks are typically made of polyethylene which isboth resistant to corrosion and provide excellent durability.

2. Durability: Both fertiliser and molasses tanks are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and exposure to sunlight, without degradation to the tank material.

3. Capacity options: Fertiliser and molasses tanks come in a range of sizes, from small tanks for domestic use, to large tanks that can hold thousands of litres.

4. Maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance of tanks is important to ensure their continued functionality and longevity. Proper tank management and cleaning can help to prevent contamination and blockages that may impede flow.

5. Safety measures: When handling fertilisers and molasses, appropriate health and safety measures should be in place to prevent any accident or injury from occurring. These include wearing protective clothing, proper storage, and handling of tanks, and training on appropriate handling techniques.

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Posted by Gavin Newell
12th May 2023

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