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Ecosom E Solar Water Pump Set UpEcosom E Solar Water Pump Set Up
Ecosom E Solar Water Pump Set Up
ECOSOM E ECOSOM solar stations are easy-to-install pumping units that can be used wherever there is a good amount of sunlight. The solar panels supplied with the power station will recharge the batteries so that power can be provided to the pumps even when no solar power is available. These solar stations can be combined with pumps listed above, these are all 24V DC pumps with permanent magnet...
from £3,573.86 ex VAT
(£4,288.63 inc VAT)
Hotline Off Grid Water Pump Kit - Solar/Battery PowerHotline Off Grid Water Pump Kit - Solar/Battery Power
Hotline Off Grid Water Pump Kit - Solar/Battery Power
Hotline Off Grid Water Pump Kit These water pump kits are simple 12v pumping systems to move large quantities of water from one point to another. The float switch for the pump is attached to the trough, as this rises and falls it activates/deactivates the pump. You don't need any special header tanks, e.t.c this product works perfectly well with just a standard water trough. The pump is provided...
from £549.00 ex VAT
(£658.80 inc VAT)

KS Plus Solar ControllerKS Plus Solar Controller
KS Plus Solar Controller
KS Plus Solar Controller (KEK0085) Specially designed for the speed control of high-efficiency pumps 10 basic systems to choose from Up to 4 PT1000 temperature sensors Specification: This panel now replaces the SC100 - SC200 - SC400 and KS4 English SC500 Controller Temperature probes sold separate PT1000 Length 1.5m Functions: Compact multipart designer casing Multifunction...
£237.26 ex VAT
(£284.71 inc VAT)
Solar Charger for Mobility & 360 FarmCamsSolar Charger for Mobility & 360 FarmCams
Solar Charger for Mobility & 360 FarmCams
FarmCam Solar Charger Solar Charger FCM – This solar charger plugs directly into your FarmCam so you don't need to worry about remembering to take it down to recharge the battery. It's a case of mount it where it will get plenty of light and plug it in. It is also IP65 rated so will stand up to the weather.
£49.00 ex VAT
(£58.80 inc VAT)

KS4 Solar Controller
KS4 Solar Controller
Discontinued, KS Plus Solar Controller is an alternative
Solar Catchment TankSolar Catchment Tank
Solar Catchment Tank
Solar Catchment Vessel Solar Fluid Catchment tank is a fit for purpose vessel, which allows for safe collection of the solar fluid discharge (Glycol) in a quick and tidy manner for reuse later.
£30.12 ex VAT
(£36.14 inc VAT)

Heating / Solar Pump Station Pump
Heating / Solar Pump Station Pump This Grundfos UPM3 Hybrid Circulating Pump, 25-70 180 ACA can be used for both Heating and Solar Water Systems-Includes New Cables Can be used for constant or proportional pressure, has external and internal controlling with internal settings for all your pump circulating applications. This replaces 25-60 -180 - 25-65 pump. Max Head: 70 dm temp...
£300.80 £169.95 ex VAT
(£203.94 inc VAT)
Solar Cleaner Fluid 500ML Solar Cleaner is a concentrated universal cleaner specifically designed for solar thermal systems, by removing degraded solar heat transfer fluids, sludge and blockages. This product rapidly restores efficiency to existing solar thermal systems. Fernox Solar Cleaner is compatible for use with all materials commonly used in solar thermal installations. A concentrated...
£46.15 ex VAT
(£55.38 inc VAT)

Tyfocor 20l LiquidTyfocor 20l Liquid
Tyfocor 20l Liquid
Tyfocor 20L Solar Anti-Freeze Liquid Tyfocor Solar Antifreeze, Ready-to-use reversibly evaporisable special heat-transfer fluid based on propylene glycol, for utilisation in solar heating installations. Tyfocor® LS is a clear, red-fluorescent liquid with a faint odour, based on physiologically unobjectionable propylene glycol, and water. It has been designed especially for utilisation fluid...
£78.70 ex VAT
(£94.44 inc VAT)
Solar Sensor KEK0016 - PT 1000 replacement sensor for SC - KS range controllers - solar units only
£23.14 ex VAT
(£27.77 inc VAT)

3 Pole Isolator Switch
3 Pole Isolator Switch
3 Pole Isolator Switch 3 Pole Non Fused lockable Isolator Switch with high impact grey polycarbonate enclosure, UV stabilised to IP66/67, Complete with 1no fuse block
£93.44 ex VAT
(£112.13 inc VAT)