About Us

Tanks Direct

Established in 2010, Tanks Direct has grown to be the leading supplier of water tanks in the UK.

Within the local area that Tanks Direct was established, there wasn't much choice for water tanks, if any! The founders wanted to offer a range of water tanks that were superb in quality, competitively priced, however making sure the customer received great customer service from friendly and knowledgeable staff. So the idea for Tank's Direct website was born. Although these values were set out in 2010, they are still very true today. The teams and range of products may have got slightly bigger, but the core values are still as much to the forefront of our ethos as it was back in 2010.

We offer a full range of plastic, steel and GRP (fibreglass) water tanks, cold water tanks for the loft and large galvanised steel water tanks for agricultural use.  Whether the tanks you need are for domestic, commercial, industrial or agricultural settings, we have a range of tanks to suit. We also offer food grade water containers that are suitable for potable (drinking) water, chemical storage solutions, waste water and general cold water storage. We are proud to offer 95% + of our tanks are manufactured here in the UK.
Most of our plastic tanks are made from UV stabilised high quality MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene), the tanks are hard wearing, weatherproof and long-lasting. 
If the tanks are being used to store or transport drinking water, then the tanks need to be listed as suitable for potable water. 

Whether you require a water tank for a commercial property, collecting rainwater for your garden or you need to replace the old header tank in the loft, we have everything covered.

Working closely with our tank suppliers, we are confident that the extensive range of water tanks and related products we offer, are to the best quality and everything you will need for that item is available.

We pride ourselves on our remarkable customer service, with our ability to assist with technical questions and/ or guidance with product questions, helping process orders or dealing with any issues which might arise, in a timely friendly manner, we are all humans after all! So please feel free to give us a ring if you require any assistance with our products.

As the world is changing daily, we want to make sure we are an environmentally responsible company, so all our products offered are compliant with relevant regulations and environmental guidelines.

As we are keen to support British made products within Tanks Direct, 95% + of our tanks are manufactured within the UK, this enables us to offer lower shipping prices and quicker lead times. Another added bonus for Locally made is that we can offer collection service for most items. Please be aware that not all items are available in one location, however our customer service team will be happy to assist should this be required.

If you have a query, please feel free to contact us on Sales@tanks-direct.co.uk or call 01643 703358.

Tanks Direct is a trading entity of Kingspan Water and Energy Ltd, part of the Kingspan Group. Kingspan Water and Energy creates sustainable solutions for sourcing, storing and protecting water and energy, supporting homes and businesses across the world. Kingspan’s main goal is to preserve and protect water and energy sources for future generations.

Kingspan Water & Energy VAT Number is GB 412 512 403