After the sunshine.....

After the sunshine comes……the rain!

We’re all struggling with rising costs left right and centre at the moment, electricity, fuel and grain to name a few which are putting us under all kinds of unwelcome pressure.

The weather unfortunately seems to be determined to add to this!

When it comes to feed, with our Rainproof Pellet feeders, JFC Basis Feeders and the all new Mineral Rocker Feeder, we’ve got you covered (Get it? Covered?).

Spoiled grain and minerals are going to prove more and more costly as time moves on, lead times in general are ok at the moment, so why not take advantage with a relatively small investment that may well save you a fortune in the long run!

Mineral Rocker Feeder
JFC Basis Feeders
Rainproof Pellet Feeders

Posted by Gavin Newell
30th June 2022

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