Klargester Service Plans

Klargester Service Plans

A Klargester Service Plan has been designed to help you spread the cost of maintenance on your tank over a fixed term.

Your annual service will be conducted by Klargesters trained engineers, who’s training has been developed by our expert team and backed with more than 50 years’ experience in servicing a range of wastewater systems.

Benefits fo the service plan

  • A tailored plan to suit the needs of your 6 - 12 pop unit.
  • The use of genuine parts and spares for any repairs that may be required.
  • 50% off call out charges (includes one hour onsite and travel costs)
  • Routine maintenance visit* The inspection as part of the Service Plan will take place 9-10 months after initial payment - if you require an immediate visit from an engineer please call us for more guidance.
  • Dedicated account manager and technical support
  • Other packages are available - if you wish to find out more info please contact us.

Whether its a Service plan for a Donestic Sewage treatment plant or a Pump Station, we have a plan that will suit your needs.


Domestic STP

It’s important that your sewage treatment plant or septic tank system is emptied and maintained regularly. Poorly performing systems can cause serious health hazards as well as local pollution risks.

As a homeowner, you must also ensure that your Kingspan Klargester system remains in good condition and replace it when needed. If you have just purchased your sewage treatment plant or septic tank, it’s your responsibility to have it properly decommissioned. We do recommend that you keep a detailed log of when your system is inspected, maintained, emptied or serviced as you may need these details in future.

Commercial STP

Ensure hassle-free performance and reduce the risk of pollution on your commercial property by properly maintaining your commercial wastewater system.


We are committed to delivering a first-class service when it comes to looking after your separators, sewage treatment plants and pump stations. By working together, we take the time to understand your business needs and can offer you a tailored plan that ensures that you are always covered, giving you peace of mind. With our SafeContractor Accreditation, you can be assured you are in safe hands with Kingspan.


Separators are designed to capture oil and hazardous substances that would otherwise pollute the environment. If your separator is not properly serviced and monitored, it can suffer blockages which can cause overflow or flooding, leading to pollution. Kingspan's fifty years of experience in this industry has helped us develop expert service plans for a range of fuel, oil and water treatment separators.

Experience peace of mind with our plans which will help ensure limited business interruption, reduced risk of pollution, as well as helping to avoid potential fines.

Kingspan's separator service packages are developed in line with our Planet Passionate programme, aimed at reducing pollution, preserving water quality and carbon footprint reduction. 

Pump Stations

It’s commonly known that pump stations are the most important ‘cog’ in a drainage network, and you’ll want to keep yours in tip-top shape. With our comprehensive service plans, we can quickly identify blockages and any unforeseen flow periods and employ measures to prevent catastrophic failures.