Spring is sprung!

Spring is sprung! (well, for the moment at least!)

Whilst the weather can't seem to make up its mind and is preying heavily on all of our minds in relation to decisions that need to be made around the farm, the endless list of jobs that need to be done is only getting longer.

Although you love what you do and being out, why not spare 5 minutes and browse our ever expanding range of Agricultural products online.

Whether it's a few new 5 gallon drinkers for the stables, or a trough for the field, we've got you covered. Our range now includes the new Mineral Rocker Feeder for your livestock, its self righting design saves the expensive minerals from being wasted.

From newborns to adults, our range has you covered from calf feeders and milk karts to footbaths and feed troughs and dispensing bins.

Not forgetting the rest of the farm our range of agricultural tanks from our revamped range of galvanised steel water tanks to fertiliser and molasses tanks and bowsers.

Our Smart Farming range is still ever expanding as the Farm inevitably joins the digital revolution, farmers have long led the way in diversifying and making the best of what they have, so-called "Smart Farming" can only help in continuing to do so.

Posted by Gavin Newell
22nd February 2023

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