New Klargester BioAir Sewage Treatment Plant Launched

New Klargester BioAir Sewage Treatment Plant Launched

A new cost-effective choice for your wastewater treatment solution, the Klargester BioAir sewage treatment plant, uses aerated technology to deliver a high level of water discharge quality. Economically priced, options from 6 - 40PE, with low level visibility and suitable for installation in traffic areas, the Klargester BioAir system offers low running costs, with the kind of high performance you would expect from any Klargester product.

Replacing the well-respected Klargester BioFicient treatment plant, the new Klargester BioAir utilises no plastic media and therefore serves to support our commitment towards our Planet Passionate objectives, by reducing plastic use.

And if you currently have a Klargester BioFicient, then no need to worry as we continue to support your requirements with our full range of Kingspan Maintenance and Service Plans and BioFicient spare parts.

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18th April 2023

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