Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence with Klargester BioDisc Sewage Treatment

Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence with Klargester BioDisc Sewage Treatment

For half a century, Klargester BioDisc has been at the forefront of domestic and commercial sewage treatment, revolutionising the way they manage wastewater. Klargester BioDisc models have been designed to cater for domestic and commercial sites without access to mains drainage.

Whilst offering a range of sewage treatment plants, Tanks Direct are delighted to be part of the celebrations to acknowledge this milestone anniversary as Kingspan Klargester reflect on a journey of innovation, sustainability, and environmental stewardship throughout 2024.

Since its inception, the Klargester BioDisc has set the standard for reliable and efficient sewage treatment solutions. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to quality, Klargester BioDisc sewage treatment plants have been trusted by homeowners, businesses, and communities across the world to effectively treat sewage and protect the environment.

Engineered to treat wastewater to a very high standard, the Klargester BioDisc offers silent operation, affordable running costs, no odour and a 7-year warranty (terms apply), providing customers for 50 years with confidence in the system performance.

The importance of proactive pollution prevention is a reason why Klargester BioDisc plants are designed to not only meet but exceed regulatory standards, ensuring clean and safe effluent discharge while minimising environmental impact.

In celebrating 50 years of success, Kingspan Klargester remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation.  Ongoing research and development efforts continue to enhance the performance and efficiency of the Klargester BioDisc, with more exciting news to follow shortly.

Tanks Direct are pleased to celebrate this momentous occasion, and you can discover why the Klargester BioDisc has been the preferred choice for half a century, by clicking here or speak with one of our expert advisors on 01643 703358 or email sales@tanks-direct.co.uk. Experience the reliability, performance, and peace of mind that come with choosing the best in domestic sewage treatment.

Here's to 50 years of excellence with Klargester BioDisc – paving the way for a cleaner, healthier planet today and for generations to come.

23rd February 2024

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