Rainwater harvesting with the Ecomaxx

Rain Water harvesting Using the Ecomaxx Range

The Range

EcoMaxx 1340L Above Ground Rainwater Harvesting Kit With PumpEcoMaxx 1340L Above Ground Rainwater Harvesting Kit With Pump
Best Seller
from £1,734.00 ex VAT
(£2,080.80 inc VAT)

1340 Litre Ecomaxx

The Range we can offer in the Ecomaxx is our leading seller in the range the 1304l, EcoMaxx 1340, We also offer a 2350l and the 3500l versions, 

These tanks can be used for a variety of applications watering gardens washing cars running outside taps and toilets washing machines and lots more, 

If you select the mains water top-up we offer, you will never run dry thought the dryer months of the year, 

EcoMaxx 2350L Above Ground Rainwater Harvesting Kit With PumpEcoMaxx 2350L Above Ground Rainwater Harvesting Kit With Pump
Best Seller
from £2,083.00 ex VAT
(£2,499.60 inc VAT)
2350 Litres Ecomaxx

Using The 2350l you get more storage and the same great design, with only a 1700mm diameter will still fit nicely down the side of a shed or behind a garage, still featuring the same 3 Walrus HQ pumps to complete a reliable system. 

EcoMaxx 3500L Above Ground Rainwater Harvesting Kit With PumpEcoMaxx 3500L Above Ground Rainwater Harvesting Kit With Pump
Best Seller
from £2,500.00 ex VAT
(£3,000.00 inc VAT)
3500 Litre Ecomaxx

The biggest tank in the Ecomaxx range is the 3500l with its squat design is able to be placed behind a fence or wall. All the Ecomaxx range can be fitted with a main top-up system, so you never run low on the water even through the hottest of summers, keeping your garden looking amazing all year round, 


Filter collector

Rainwater Filter Collector and Universal Link Kit

The Filter Collector can connect to any tank or water butt with the aid of the Universal Link Kit. The Filter and the link kit are packaged together and contains everything needed for installation. Manufactured by 3P Technik. Suitable for roof sizes up to a maximum of 90 sq metres. This includes 30cm of reinforced green spiral hose, rubber washer, back nut and cutting tool.

The Universal Link Kit is also available in larger sizes such as 1, 2 and 5 meters (please contact us for more details). Filters and collects rainwater for the best possible water quality. Once the tank is full, the filter acts as the overflow outlet. The Filter Collector leads cleaned water to the storage tank, with high efficiency under normal rainfall. The dirty water and debris then continue on to the down-pipe. Removes leaves and so reduces the risk of disease carry-over.

Walrus HQ pump

The HQ Series pumps as designed for water supply and boosting water pressure in residential, commercial, and light industrial applications where low or inadequate water pressure exists. The HQ Series is suitable for boosting pressure from either underground or surface water supplies.

The HQ Series is an all-in-one unit which consists of a pump, motor, pressure tank, and electronic controller, giving you a plug-and-play system. The built-in electronic controller provides constant pressure, which ensures the pump starts automatically when water is consumed and continues to operate until water demand has ceased.


Operating Conditions:- 

  • Ambient temperature: Max. +40°C
  • Liquid temperature: +4°C ~ +40°C
  • System Pressure : Max. 8.5 kg/cm²
  • Relative humidity: Max. 85% (RH)
  • Under normal operation, it is not necessary to adjust the pressure unless the cut in pressure is higher than the pre-set activation point (refer to specification).

What is Rainwater Harvesting?
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