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275 Litre Oval Water Tank275 Litre Oval Water Tank
275 Litre Oval Water Tank
275 Oval Water Tank Our 275 Litre (73 gallon) Water tanks are suitable for storage and transportation of potable water and a wide range of other liquids. Capacity 275 Litres. This 275 Litre oval water bowser tank is manufactured in natural polyethylene it comes with a large 16" screw vented lid. It also comes with a 1 1/2" BSP outlet and outlet tap This product is also available to purchase...
from £160.00 ex VAT
(£192.00 inc VAT)
300 Litre Dosing Water Tank300 Litre Dosing Water Tank
300 Litre Dosing Water Tank
300 Litre Water - Dosing Tanks / Containers 300 Litre Chemical Dosing tank, with a stepped lid from Tanks Direct Ltd. Manufactured from Virgin grade polyethylene material and is ideal for the storage and containment of liquids and chemicals. The plastic Storage tank consists of a single one-piece mould that is seamless and watertight. Popular Uses Water Treatment Purification of water Storage...
£111.00 ex VAT
(£133.20 inc VAT)

300 Litre Water Carrier
300 Litre Water Carrier
300 Litre Water Carrier A range of high quality but simple water container plastic tanks made from food approved HDPE for water, fruit juice, festival use, brewing and other applications. Food-safe PE low outlet with tap with screw cap, diameter 220 mm with 2 handles (for transporting when empty) the sealing cap can be fitted instead of the outlet tap
£234.00 ex VAT
(£280.80 inc VAT)
300 Litre Water Tank,300 Litre Water Tank,
300 Litre Water Tank,
300 Litre Water Tank Our 300 Litre Water tanks are suitable for storage and transportation of potable water and a wide range of other liquids. This 300 Litre D-shaped Water Tank is manufactured in natural MDPE, it comes with a 205mm vented screw lid and a 1" BSP female outlet. Optional BSP outlets and positioning are available at an extra cost. Optional extras: Tap Kits Hosetail Kits Float...
from £121.63 ex VAT
(£145.96 inc VAT)

Enduratank 300 Litre Water Tank, Non Potable
Enduratank 300 Litre Water Tank, Non Potable
Enduratank 300 Litre plastic water tank. This Enduratank 300 Litre plastic water storage tank is manufactured in black non potable polythene, it comes with a 255mm vented screw lid and the option of being undrilled or a 1 1/2" BSP male outlet. This tank is ideal For static water storage.
from £91.00 ex VAT
(£109.20 inc VAT)

What’s a potable water tank?

Water tanks can be classified as ‘potable’ and ‘non potable’. If you are storing clean water for human consumption, whether it be for drinking, prepping food or cleaning dishes etc, then a potable water tank is what you are after. All potable tanks must conform to the WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) so that the liquid is safe for human consumption.

Non-potable tanks are for the safe storage of non-drinking water or for ‘not suitable’ for human consumption, in many different environments and applications. Non-potable tanks can be used in applications like rainwater harvesting, irrigation, agriculture & horticulture and commercial purposes where mains water is not available.

The difference in classification between the two comes from the materials used during the manufacturing process, specifically the type of plastic used to line the inside of the tank which comes into contact with the contained water. Non potable tanks are more porous, making it easier for the bacteria to grow and can sometimes let off gases which can contaminate the water. The WRAS approved material lines the inside of the tank, making the tank fit for human consumption, either ingested or used on the skin.

What outlet do I require?

The majority of our water tanks come with an outlet as standard. We can offer a range of water tanks where the tanks can either ‘Drilled’ or ‘Undrilled’. ‘Drilled’ meaning allowing water to escape from the tank via the outlet, whereas ‘Undrilled’ is when the outlet will remain sealed, preventing liquid from coming out and ensuring the contents of the tank is only touching plastic.

If the position of the outlet is required in an alternative position to the standard one offered or extra to the one positioned, we can offer a plastic Fusion socket. This can be welded anywhere on the tank using a drawing supplied by us, positions marked out by you, then fitted by the manufacturer.   

Plain tanks (with no outlets) can also be offered.

If you require a plastic fusion socket or a plain tank, then please contact our Customer Service Team, who will be happy to help with your requirements.

Tap or hose tail kits, what’s the difference and when would I need one?

We offer a range of tap kits, each displaying the size of the hosetail and the outlet size the kit will suit. Tap Kit 5 (TPK5) is the best solution if you require a garden hose to be fitted. Our range of Hosetail kits allows you to attach a hose or pipe to the tank, leak-free. They are designed for continuous flow and come in varying sizes depending on the outlet.

All our tap kits come with a Jubilee clip and PDFE tape for that secure fit.

Baffled Water tanks, what are they and when are they recommended?

Baffled water tanks are tanks with an intergral wall system, which is primarily designed to strengthen and support the structure of the tank, when the tank is full of water.

Due to the structure of the baffles they can also be used for transporting water. The Baffles distrupt the movement of water, from surging from one side to the other. However, if you are transporting water, water tanks can be extremely hazardous when transporting large volumes of water. Please make sure the water tanks are installed and secured correctly, by a suitable qualified person before transportation. Baffled water tanks are an ideal solutions for car valeters, window cleaners or anyone who has to transport liquids using plastic water storage tanks and containers.

More Information

What materials are the plastic tanks manufactured from?

Plastic water tanks can be made of lots of different materials, however the majority of tanks we offer are made from either a medium density polyethylene (MDPE) or a high density polyethylene (HDPE).

What’s a standard hose pipe size?

UK hose pipe diameters range from ½” to ¾” inch diameters. The majority of standard size garden hoses are 1/2” BSP, however we do offer accessories for the ½3/4” hose, if required.