Waste Water Solutions for your Self-Build project

Waste Water Solutions for your Self-Build project

No one likes to talk about sewage. We know that. But if you’re not very careful, your sewage and wastewater discharges could become an awful-smelling health and pollution hazard. And that really would be embarrassing.

All homeowners who rely on private drainage are legally responsible for the choice, installation and maintenance of their wastewater system.

Septic tanks have traditionally been the most commonly installed private drainage system. Even if it’s one you inherited, when moving to your property, it may not be right for your needs or no longer compliant. And if it’s not working, you’ll soon know! As, indeed, will all those living downwind of you...

Wrongly installed septic tanks create a nasty smelling effluent which can be both a serious health issue as well as highly polluting to groundwater, which is the water we drink. If your septic tank is the cause, you could be prosecuted.

Sewage treatment plants are highly effective at treating waste and have very low impact. They use bacteria to remove pollutants, before discharging the effluent into a (much smaller) drainage field or extend the life of the soakaway. They are therefore suited to even the most sensitive sites such as close to freshwater lakes, rivers and streams - or where the water table is very high.

Maintenance and running costs are relatively low for sewage treatment plants.

Neither septic tanks nor sewage treatment plants should be considered a “fit-and-forget” solution - they need regular servicing. Regulations require that wastewater solutions are maintained and emptied regularly, so employ a professional service team to look after your wastewater system.

In addition ....No Gravity fall across your site? No problem, we do Pump Stations too!

From basements to caravans, extensions to courtyards, if your property is not connected to the sewer, or if it’s below the sewer line, pump stations used in connection with sewage treatment plants or septic tanks, will take care of all your water, sewage and effluent.

Tanks Direct offer a range of Septic Tanks, Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants and Sewage Pumping Stations including Kingspan Klargester, Clearwater, Premier Tech, Harlequin and DP&T. With that range of choice from Tanks Direct, there's a solution to suit every budget!

For further help and advice, contact our expert sales advisors at sales@tanks-direct.co.uk or 01643 703358 to find out more.