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Spill Control

We have a comprehensive selection of Spill control products. Consisting of spill containment, spill pallets, IBC bunds, pallet bunds, drum storage bunds, ibc pallet bund, workfloor bunds, double IBC bunds, drum racks, drum storage.

More information on Spill Control

Spill control products serve to prevent pollution of air, soil and water by hazardous materials, especially liquids. Our extensive range of secondary containment allows liquid to accumulate, if the primary containment fails, making sure it can hold the entire volume of the primary container in the sump/bund until it can be cleaned up. This helps contain and control any incidents to minimise any effects and limit any danger to persons, the environment and property. Storage of the primary containers can be positioned on or within the Spill units to help contain any spillages. The Tanks Direct spill control includes safety cabinets, spill pallets, drum storage units, IBC storage units and relocatable safety stores for safe storage and containment of Highly flammable and hazardous liquids. Whether you are looking for a spill bund, cabinet or spill control accessories, we have the options available in an assortment of styles and sizes.

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