GreaseShield GS1000-PF

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GreaseShield GS1000-PF

Product Ref: 22380

Product Description

GreaseShield 1000 Pre-Filter with Stainless Steel hygiene stand, additional Pre filter basket and Vortex Flow

The GreaseShield is a mechanical grease trap that uses waste thermal energy to remove emulsified FOG's, particularly saturated animal fats before they solidify.

GreaseShield removes and dewaters organic solid matter by a pre filter and optional internal automatic solids removal/ transfer system. Because biological degradation of organic matter in water is substantially prevented, BOD, COD, FOG and SS loadings are significantly reduced and it also prevents anaerobic foul smelling conditions caused by biological activity.

10 to 12 Steam Combi Ovens and sinks.

Automatic FOG and Solids removal

Self Cleaning

Magnetic baffle for biomediation

PLC Controlled

Non restricted Vortex control device

Reverse flow configuration

Space saver running trap and sampling point

Globally certified award-winning technology

The only green certified grease trap in the world

Product Specification

  • Product Code: KSP